Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Tamiya Truckin

The 2013 Brighton Model World was the start of Tamiya Truckin's 3rd year with the road system. A slightly smaller layout was on display this year. We still had a mission to move 1ton of soil to construct a ramp for a bridge and to link to another bridge. The bridges where lifted in via the cranes before any soil could be delivered. There was several plant equipment on hand to load up the awaiting tippers! It kept the vistors once again watching and coming back over the show to see how the progress was getting on.

We even had some bungee action jumping from the cranes on the layout!

So a huge thanks to all that attend the show and made this another successful year! Below are some pictures from the show;

Here is a video clip of the Bungee jump performed by our German vistor jumping from Trever Liebherr crane followed by a pan round of the layout