Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Tamiya Truckin

This year we had the largest layout of the 2014 season. Using almost all the elements of the TT layout system. We had a 2 day build (16 hours) to create the multi level design, the crew did a fantastic job! A new element that has been in the planning for a long time was a Dual Carriageway section. This worked very well so hopefully future layouts will have this feature!

Over both days of the show we had lots of visitors to the show watching the busy roads in action.  The plant team managed to move a good amount of the soil to create a ramp, however the wet soil did not help with the construction! Two loading bays meant we could move goods from one yard to the next.

The Kids Drive a truck was also a great success giving the vistors a taste of the world of RC Truckin!

A few images from the show including the layout plan. (Higher resolution along with plenty more can be found in the TT Gallery)




 Again a Huge thanks to the crew that made this weekend (Dispite the weather) One of the best so far!